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  • coteo


I've been meaning to buy posters for a while now (;p) however the only posters they sell here are from Hot Topic, and I'm seriously sick of the whole "Scream" theme. Does anyone know of nice websites that sell TH posters?...and that actually deliver. ;)
harry ron redvines

For those who have the Hot Topic Bill tee...

I kind of need your help.  See, my Hot Topic is lame and hasn't gotten in those t-shirts yet.
My Mom is being awesome and letting me get it online, but I have NO idea how it fits.
When I was browsing around the store yesterday, it seemed like sizes ran a little bit small, but I'm not sure.
If you have it, what do you think of it?  Did the size seem true, or did you have to get a size bigger or smaller for it to fit, etc?
I really don't want to order something that won't fit...haha.

Thanks so much :)