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*cough* SIMS?

Hey everyone.. I was just curious.. does anyone know where I can get Tokio Hotel related things (more along the lines of hair, clothes, makeup, etc) for the SIMS 3? I found a few for SIMS 2, but I don't HAVE SIMS 2... If it is something I have to pay for, still link it (as I might), but I prefer free.. even if it's not labled Tokio Hotel (Dior pants, etc) I'd still love a link or ten. ;)

Thank you! (apologies for this.. rather odd request.. if it's not allowed!)
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Hey! Let's get this community kicking off! ♥

So, a while back my computer totally got wiped and cleaned out, and I ended up losing all of my bookmarks. There was a particular bookmark that I would love to get back. It was a pretty big site, and it had tons of videos available for download. I think it was run by a German boy, but I'm not sure. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, could you please supply me with the link again? I would be very grateful. :)