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MCR - make some noise

Ich bin da

At the end of the first disc of caught on camera, an instrumental/acoustic version of Ich Bin Da plays through the credits. Is there anyone out there who could rip it for me in decent quality? I love it and want it for my iPod.

Thank you

All audio files

Hi y'all!
I'm trying to make a compilation of all the TH audio files we have (Interviews and Live songs) but this is getting so hard, since there are a lot of them spread everywhere T_T
So maybe you can help me? If you have any link to download audio files (either .mp3 or .wma) post it here plz! Whatever it is :)

This is what I got so far:

Collapse )

PS: do not post any official stuff! Other than that, any event is helpful (radio interviews, audio extracts from live concerts, ya know ;P
Thank you! <3

Geh Request

Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone has an mp3 of the studio version of Geh. I looked back a good number of posts but I may have skipped it if it was there. Sorry if this is a duplicated request. ^^'

Thanks in advance!