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Bill soft

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Hello, everyone! I was wondering if anyone knows of any good compilation videos of the twins fighting over the mic during interviews? I thought for sure there'd be a million but maybe my search skills are lacking. If anyone has any videos or gifs hidden in their stash, it'd be much appreciated! They don't do this nearly enough anymore. I miss it!

P.S. For the sake of lulz, I thought I'd mention I originally typed "stache" and not "stash." If anyone has videos or gifs in their 'stache, they can go ahead and just keep those to themselves.
DW: tardis

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Okay, so I've been searching all evening (about four hours) for this stupid .gif and have only been able to find a screencap. Now, hopefully I'm not going insane and it was a .gif at some point some where and not just a screencap because if so I might cry.

Anyway, does anyone have a .gif (moving animation) of Tom on the drums. Not mini Tom when Bill steals the drumsticks but older Tom. From these screencaps:

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Many much appreciations and hugs if you can help. ♥

A quote and a photoshoot

Hey guys! I've got two questions for you, and I'd love some help!

1. I occasionally see people bringing up a quote from Tom, the specific quote found on his IMDB page is "The best birthday present I ever got was 10 minutes after I was born." This is very sweet, but it's my impression that it was something made up by fans, since I've never been able to find an original source. Does anyone know for sure on that?

2. Also, I am looking for more photos from the photoshoot in my icon. Bill in the Satan shirt against a yellow (brick) wall. If my icon is too small for you it's bigger here. If anyone knows where I can find the rest of them, I would love to know! <3

Any help is very much appreciated!

The Twins' Parents?

Hello! yesterday i was looking though a lot of tokio hotel fansite for information on the twins' parents. i found quite a few of gordon with his band, but not enough of jorg and simone. i understand that finding pics of them are kinda hard to fine but i really wanted to know where the twins got their looks from..lol..
however i did mange to find these:



i have a feeling that this might be a pic of their mother but im not to sure about the pic with the guy.(and if that is jorg, they dont look very happy). Thanks so much!
thanks so much!