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Hello, everyone! I was wondering if anyone knows of any good compilation videos of the twins fighting over the mic during interviews? I thought for sure there'd be a million but maybe my search skills are lacking. If anyone has any videos or gifs hidden in their stash, it'd be much appreciated! They don't do this nearly enough anymore. I miss it!

P.S. For the sake of lulz, I thought I'd mention I originally typed "stache" and not "stash." If anyone has videos or gifs in their 'stache, they can go ahead and just keep those to themselves.
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Twins' family

Hi - I wondered if someone could help me with some background info please for a fic idea.

I remember various snippets from articles/interviews about Bill & Tom's family, but I have a couple of questions - I don't need specifics (I doubt there are any true sources for that) just a general idea/educated guess if anyone has one, the questions are not meant to be intrusive - just info in the public domain, maybe a link to a clip or interview?

Roughly what age were the Twins when their parents separated? How old were they when Simone & Gordon got together?

Thank you :))

Looking For A Macro

Dont really know if this is right to ask here. But im looking for a particular macro. I cant remember who made it, but it was posted on th_macros. It has Tom and Bill at a airport (ithink) and Tom is wearing a hat with bandaids on it, saying something along the lines of "someone tryed to cut up my hat last night, but i fixed it" and Bill thinking something about the hat. Make sense...

Also would someone be able to explain to me how to find stuff using tags??