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rtl exklusiv interview

I have been trying for a half hour to get my phone to cooperate but have given up. I've been trying to get a transcript of sorts from the RTL exklusiv: sex drugs and rock and roll but have failed miserably. If anyone could help me out that would be fantastic. Thank you!

Sorry I can't tag on my phone. :( fixed!
Last of Us - Save You


Hello. I am an idiot.

I recall visiting a site one day (and I didn't mark it because I'm an idiot), and reading an interview which included Tom, Georg, and Gustav. It took place shortly after Bill's surgery, I think, when Bill was recuperating and 'retraining' his voice. I remember Tom mentioning something about Bill's condition, and then (or maybe before that) it spiralled off into some silliness involving Tom talking about some signs or something that fans had brought to concerts, and saying Georg was jealous of the signs, etc.

And also, as a side note, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction as well of some nice layouts for LJ of the twins? I had one added to my memories a while back but apparently the owner of the journal has deleted her site. :/

Thank you all so much--sorry to be a bother!