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SPN - Killer Truck

Pictures, music and videos

Been saving this up to make one post instead of bugging people with more than one.

Looking for the originals of
(by punkrockgirl04), (by anuka_ss) and

I'm looking for a .zip download of the Devilish CD (the actual CD would be even more awesome but chances of that are very very slim). The link at th_media is dead and sadly the mod doesn't seem to be updating the comm anymore so I'm hoping someone here can help with this.

I was going to ask for downloads but instead I'll ask: If I get iTunes, can I buy good, HQ vids of all (not just a few) of Tokio Hotel's official music videos and watch them on my computer? I have no experience with iTunes so I'd rather ask what I'd get first. If not then I'll move onto asking for HQ downloads because youtube is failing me.

Larger versions + Source + sans watermark?

Hey everyone.. I was wondering if any of you knew where I could find larger versions of several pictures under the cut, as well as an un-watermarked, roughly same-size version of another and the source videos of two .gifs... Any help would be very appreciated!

NOTE: Under the cut is image-heavy..

One of the pictures I'm wanting to find larger..:

Collapse )

Thank you again for any help! :D