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DW: tardis

rtl exklusiv interview

I have been trying for a half hour to get my phone to cooperate but have given up. I've been trying to get a transcript of sorts from the RTL exklusiv: sex drugs and rock and roll but have failed miserably. If anyone could help me out that would be fantastic. Thank you!

Sorry I can't tag on my phone. :( fixed!
Bill soft

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Hello, everyone! I was wondering if anyone knows of any good compilation videos of the twins fighting over the mic during interviews? I thought for sure there'd be a million but maybe my search skills are lacking. If anyone has any videos or gifs hidden in their stash, it'd be much appreciated! They don't do this nearly enough anymore. I miss it!

P.S. For the sake of lulz, I thought I'd mention I originally typed "stache" and not "stash." If anyone has videos or gifs in their 'stache, they can go ahead and just keep those to themselves.